EP 172 – Bible Reading Plans, Do They Suck?

We are joined this week with Micah Marino.

According to Openpowerlifting.com, Micah Marino started competing in 2012 at the age of 21 weighing in at 184 lbs. His bodyweight as fluctuated from 165-184 lbs. He is the former world record holder at 165 lbs. And has two all time world records, the 795 lb deadlift single ply and the 165 lb total.

His best raw squat is 534.6, bench is 429.9, and deadlift is 728.6 (4.4 times his bodyweight) lbs at a bodyweight of 165.3 lbs. Biggest total was 1665.5 at American Cup Los Angeles Fit Expo in 2016 with a wilks of 538.34.

He also has a 614 wilks in Single Ply with a 2007 lb total and a multi ply wilks of 667 with a 2190 lb total.

He’s also the owner of the apparel company Fight or Quit which can be found at fightorquit.com.

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