EP 87 – Preaching, what is it good for?

We are very excited to have Mike Tuscherer back to talk about his amazing team at IPF Worlds 2017. All the videos of the different competitions can be found here.


We talked to Mike about his experiences with coaching this years team at the IPF and competiting in previous global competitions. We also discussed:

  • Who was on the roster? LaFlamme(2), Luo(2), AlAjmi(6), Simmons(6), Chan(4), Richardson(2), Craven(2), Hinchley(9), Gibbs(2), Cowan(2), Manuel(4), Branton(3)

  • How do you get to IPF Worlds?

  • Any of your team that were relatively new competitors and how did going to Worlds so early in their lifting career affect them?

  • Did you have different coaching strategies for each lifter?

  • How does travel affect lifting and performance and what things do you do to counteract the effects of travel?

  • Does the IPF reimburse you at all for the trip/place to stay?

  • Do you plan on competing on the IPF stage next year?

  • Does the IPF drug test all lifters?

We also have a special post episode talk about injuries and talk about a potential future podcast episode with the RTS rehab doc, Rori Alter – hopefully we can chat with her soon.

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