EP 90 – Citadel Nutrition

Laura Anderson is a strongman competitor in Raleigh NC. Among some of her achievements in strongman include:

2016 National Champion LW (Strongman Corp)

2017 2nd place USS Nationals


She also has an Undergrad in Business Administration/Computer Information Systems, finished a Paralegal Graduate Program, and currently working towards a Master of Arts in Apologetics. Here’s a bit of the discussion:


What do you love about strongman?

I love the technical aspects and the strategy involved. There’s a limit to how big and strong we can get, but it’s fun to see people overcome physical disadvantages to become strong competitors.


Is it considered strongman or strongwoman?



What are your goals in competing in Strongman?

I’ve never had any. I just want to meet people and go places.


Regarding Apologetics, Pressup or Classical/Evidential and why?

Largely evidential with a presuppositional slant. Is that a thing?

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