Ep 158 – Kenric’s has a slow router, but still breaks Everett’s heart.

Dave Denis (den-KNEE) lives in New Hampshire, the Live Free or Die state. He worked for 16 years in the retail furniture industry in Michigan and Wisconsin, where he sold and trained others to sell all kinds of home furnishings including mattresses. He has been training with barbells in his cluttered garage for just about one year, having been schooled in the Starting Strength method. He is no record holder but he does pretty good for a 55 year old guy. If it matters to anyone, my PRS (so far) on the 4 major lifts are as follows. Squat 3x290Deadlift 3x330Bench 3x250Overhead Press 3×170


Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • Mattresses for athletes
  • Adjustable bed frame – are they worth it
  • Various issues with mattresses:
    • Back Support
    • Pressure Relief
    • Sleep Quality
    • Temperature Regulation
    • Value
    • Warranty Service
    • Softness Level
  • What are the bones of the mattress:
    • Latex or Memory Foam¬†
    • Hybrid
    • Innerspring

Dave’s church website can be found here.

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