EP 160 – ASW 2018 Rachel Pyron


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Sean Demarinis BIO – 32 years old, born and raised in CA. Currently live in south Orange County. Most famous for the beaches, weather, disneyland and reality shows about privileged housewives and teenage drama. Im in sales and also work part time as a strength coach for East West Strength in Costa Mesa, CA. Strongman/weight lifting is my only hobby. The demand it takes in and out of the gym occupies the majority of my free time. However, i still enjoy going to the movies, dinner, beach, amusement parks etc. Just try and avoid too many physical activities, the risk of getting inured is haunting lol.

Notable Competition history:

  • 4x CA strongest man. 2 HW and 2 MW titles
  • 4x America’s strongest man 105k
  • MW and HW pro status
  • 2nd place at WSM 105k in 2016 in Ireland
  • 3rd place at the Ultimate strongman world championships 2018 in Czech Republic

What hobbies do you have outside of strongman?

  • Sleeping, movies, beach, eating

What got you into strength sports? Where did your lifting journey start?

  • Lifting begin when i was 12 years old. I was chubby and wanted to make an improvement. My mom actually showed me my first exercises. Really lifting or competitive lifting started when i played football in HS.

What was your inspiration or mentor in strength sports?

  • Arnold was a huge inspiration but id have to say what really drove my passion was competing. I really enjoy being able to test myself against others.

Biggest strength numbers:

  • Squat – 710
  • Bench – 501
  • Deadlift – 800
  • Push Press – 400+
  • Stone – 400+
  • Log – 405
  • Axle Clean n Press – 385
  • Farmers Walk – 360
  • Yoke – 1000
  • Any I might have missed – 250 DB. 900 18’’ axle DL. 775 axle DL from the floor

Any injuries that you had to deal with?

  • Quad tendon rupture off the bone, torn quad muscles, compartment syndrome, pec tears, proximal bicep tendon rupture…and a million other small sprains and tears.

How did you know that strongman was a good fit?

  • I didn’t at first. It took me 8 month of getting my ass kicked to feel like i was getting good enough to become a professional. However, i did take 4th out of 14 in my first show ever so based on that, i felt i at least had a shot to do well.

How many hours a week would you train before a strongman competition?

  • If the show is on Sat, my last raining day is Tuesday. Maybe 1-2 hours, light work to keep the blood moving and muscles staying primed to lift.

What do you take on a regular basis to supplement your training?

  • I work with a nutritionist and help with this but mostly the same things most people take…Vitamins, fish oil, protein powders etc


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