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EP 90 – Citadel Nutrition

Laura Anderson is a strongman competitor in Raleigh NC. Among some of her achievements in strongman include:

2016 National Champion LW (Strongman Corp)

2017 2nd place USS Nationals


She also has an Undergrad in Business Administration/Computer Information Systems, finished a Paralegal Graduate Program, and currently working towards a Master of Arts in Apologetics. Here’s a bit of the discussion:


What do you love about strongman?

I love the technical aspects and the strategy involved. There’s a limit to how big and strong we can get, but it’s fun to see people overcome physical disadvantages to become strong competitors.


Is it considered strongman or strongwoman?



What are your goals in competing in Strongman?

I’ve never had any. I just want to meet people and go places.


Regarding Apologetics, Pressup or Classical/Evidential and why?

Largely evidential with a presuppositional slant. Is that a thing?

EP 89 – 105 kg 2014 Strongman Corporation Middleweight Amateur National Champion James Deffinbaugh

We are super psyched to have Daniel Yeh from Citadel Nutrition here to tell us about his company and what they are doing! The supplement industry can seem large dark and mysterious and we talk all about it in this episode. Things we discussed include:

  1. Citadel Nutrition – how did it get started?

  2. The issues with supplements as far as the proprietary blends?

  3. What does the world of supplements look like?

  4. What to watch out for when buying supplements?

  5. Why are some companies cheaper than others?

  6. What supplements are worth buying?

  7. Which ingredients are worth your money in a supplement and which are worthless or not effective?

EP 88 – Mike Tuscherer and the IPF Worlds 2017

Pro Strongman, 2014 Strongman Corporation Middleweight Amateur National Championship, co-inventor of Spider Tack, and owner of Spider Strength Gym. Currently getting ready for America’s Strongest Man at the Olympia in Las Vegas, then if I qualify, World’s Strongest Man 105kg here in Raleigh, NC in December


We had a great time talking with James. Some of the topics we covered included:

  • What weird strength parlor tricks do you do (rolling up frying pans, tearing phonebooks in half).
  • What hobbies do you have outside of strongman?
  • What got you into strength sports? Where did your lifting journey start?
  • What was your inspiration or mentor in strength sports?
  • Biggest strength numbers
  • Any injuries that you had to deal with?
  • How did you know that strongman was a good fit?
  • How many hours a week would you train before a strongman competition?
  • What do you take on a regular basis to supplement your training? How many calories do you eat off and on season? How can you afford to eat that much?
  • Any funny stories or events that happened in your competition?
  • What is your strongest implement/point maker event?
  • Favorite training music?
  • What was the most famous person that you were the most stoked to meet in your competing?
  • If you could do something different in your training (wind the clock back) what would you do?I want to get into strongman…where should I start?
  • What now do you want to do strength wise?
  • What’s one thing that you want all lifters in the BBB to know or consider before getting into strength sports? (be able to justify your training)Common injuries specific to strongman as well as other health issues that someone might not consider (mental, addictions, etc)?
  • What pet peeves do you have when it comes to training in a gym?
  • What is one thing you have heard many lifters say that is WRONG/MYTH?



EP 87 – Preaching, what is it good for?

We are very excited to have Mike Tuscherer back to talk about his amazing team at IPF Worlds 2017. All the videos of the different competitions can be found here.


We talked to Mike about his experiences with coaching this years team at the IPF and competiting in previous global competitions. We also discussed:

  • Who was on the roster? LaFlamme(2), Luo(2), AlAjmi(6), Simmons(6), Chan(4), Richardson(2), Craven(2), Hinchley(9), Gibbs(2), Cowan(2), Manuel(4), Branton(3)

  • How do you get to IPF Worlds?

  • Any of your team that were relatively new competitors and how did going to Worlds so early in their lifting career affect them?

  • Did you have different coaching strategies for each lifter?

  • How does travel affect lifting and performance and what things do you do to counteract the effects of travel?

  • Does the IPF reimburse you at all for the trip/place to stay?

  • Do you plan on competing on the IPF stage next year?

  • Does the IPF drug test all lifters?

We also have a special post episode talk about injuries and talk about a potential future podcast episode with the RTS rehab doc, Rori Alter – hopefully we can chat with her soon.

EP 85 – Jared Helms Starts Strength Training

We got to interview another member of the Facebook group – one of our newer lifters, Jared Helms! He has been doing a variation of 5×5 for 6 weeks now and is pumped to show his progress in the group and is thirsty to learn more. Everett and Dave talk about things they have learned starting their respective journeys a few years ago and we learn about Everett’s keto diet progress.


Next week we will have the Avatar Nutrition team on to talk all about what their program/system will provide and how it will work.

EP 84 – Dave’s First Comp Review

Dave had his first powerlifting competition June 3rd with the USPA and we get to hear all about it. Everett joins Dave in going over the first comp and discusses topics like:

  • The weigh-in/check-in
  • The rules meeting – anything you didn’t expect
  • How to deal with nerves
  • Fuel throughout the day

EP 82 – Modern Equipped Lifting with Don Powers

We had the privilege to interview David Ricks and hear his journey in powerlifting which has led him to numerous world titles and records in the powerlifting community both on the national and international stage.

Some of the things we discussed included:

  • Why did you get into powerlifting?
  • What are your strength numbers -best & current
  • What are the most common injuries you see from powerlifters and what is the usual reason for this?
  • What do you take on a regular basis to supplement your training?
  • What is your worst injury and what did you do to fix it?
  • What accessories do you use for lifting? What supplements do you take?
  • What pet peeves do you have when it comes to training in a gym?
  • What is one thing you have heard many lifters say that is WRONG/MYTH?
  • Favorite powerlifter to watch progress/compete?
  • How hard was it to train while in the Navy? Did you train while deployed on ships?
  • What keeps you into powerlifting?
  • What have you seen change in powerlifting since you started competing? Good/bad/ugly
  • What federation is your favorite to compete?


EP 172 – Bible Reading Plans, Do They Suck?

We are joined this week with Micah Marino.

According to, Micah Marino started competing in 2012 at the age of 21 weighing in at 184 lbs. His bodyweight as fluctuated from 165-184 lbs. He is the former world record holder at 165 lbs. And has two all time world records, the 795 lb deadlift single ply and the 165 lb total.

His best raw squat is 534.6, bench is 429.9, and deadlift is 728.6 (4.4 times his bodyweight) lbs at a bodyweight of 165.3 lbs. Biggest total was 1665.5 at American Cup Los Angeles Fit Expo in 2016 with a wilks of 538.34.

He also has a 614 wilks in Single Ply with a 2007 lb total and a multi ply wilks of 667 with a 2190 lb total.

He’s also the owner of the apparel company Fight or Quit which can be found at

EP 171 – 2019 Goals and Resolutions

We talk about two big subjects, Bible Reading Plans and Dave’s recent competition, video of that can be found here.

Everett has some choice thoughts about Bible reading plans and some insights that we should consider as the we end January and start heading into February.