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EP 152 – Kilts, Cabers, and Calorie Control

Bryce  Krawczyk has an absolute sick Youtube channel, one of the few we recommend! Also he has given out a free powerlifting program that you can find on his website. Super excited to get him on the podcast. He lifts equipped as well as raw and we talk about his recent meet at the IPF Worlds 2018, which you can view here.

EP 151 – Matt Gary

Janine rocks a highland games and Jeff talks about how to control your calories while eating out, more specifically, some ways to cut calorie intake without drastically changing the way you eat and how to keep them in check while dining out. The tips actually go hand in hand.

This is a first in a new format of shows where we attempt more of a free-flowing lifestyle format. Feel free to give us your thoughts on what you think of the new format.

EP 150 – Kimberly Walford

We had Matt Gary on the show, co-founder of SSPT.

Matt Gary’s bio includes:

23 years competition experience

USAPL Coaching Chairman (2012 – present)

USAPL Coaching Certification Director (2012 – present)

USAPL Coach of the Year 2012

Head Coach for 5 US National Teams

Asst. Coach for 35+ US National Teams

USAPL National Referee

SSPT co-founder (est. 2008)

Some of the topics we talked about were:

  • game day coaching (at all levels of competitions and the differences between them)
    • What is your coaching philosophy
      • Mindset
      • Execution
      • Attempt selection
    • How many athletes do you coach?
    • Were you self-taught or did you learn from various sources?
    • How do you prep for game day with attempts and working your athletes
  • the application of Minimalism & Stoicism as guiding principles into my coaching process and philosophy
  • my approach to singles-only in the DL
    • How often do you train singles and why do you only train singles
  • our SSPT legacy
    • SSPT – what is your mission?
    • How old is SSPT
    • What is your break up between one on one training, game plans, and game day
    • RPE or percentage based training

EP 148 – Erin and Mark Valenti and Blind Dog Gym

Kenric sits down with Strongman competitors and gym owners Mitch and Lacee Hughes to talk about training, USS Nationals, and owning your own gym. Support the show by visiting and shopping at ( coupon code gainzgrace).

EP 147 – Personal Holiness or where Everett preaches to Dave again

Erin and Mark Valenti run Blind Dog Gym and Mark is part of a podcast called The Refined Savage.


Erin and Mark Valenti have been the co-owners of Blind Dog Gym since December of 2012. Blind Dog is a Crossfit gym in Lorain, Ohio, on the west side of Cleveland. together, Erin and Mark opened Blind Dog Gym with a vision of creating a community that is focused on improvement of self, improvement of community, and service to those who have or continue to serve.

Erin played several sports in high school. Rowing was her top sport for a while, including as a D-1 athlete at U of Iowa, and after college. Her competitive energies shifted to Crossfit for several years, and she is now a very competitive, newly minted master’s athlete in the Highland Games. From the Blind Dog website, “Instead of focusing on competition, and maintaining “contender” status, Erin has resolved to focus on longevity, resilience, and injury prevention in an effort to become more coach than athlete.”

Mark was a nationally-ranked professional Highland games athlete, with 22 years on the circuit. He holds several coaching certifications, including CrossFit Level 1 and Strongman, USAW, and USATF Level 1, and is an ADFPA strength and conditioning consultant.

EP 146 – Rob Polenik

Holiness – what is it? How does Rom 12:1-2 work? How does one keep walking the line between pursuing personal holiness and becoming a Pharisee? Check out this talk between Everett and Dave as they dive into this theological topic.

Ep 145 – Jaisyn Mike

Really grateful to have Rob Polenik on the show. He’s the owner of Brutal Iron Gym and we are going to talk a bunch of topics including:

  • The good, bad, ugly of online coaching
  • Nutrition and bulking and cutting for different athletes
  • Programming and how to approach it for different athletes and general pop
  • Pre-competition anxiety and how to handle it


EP 144 – Ryan Stills


Continuing our IPF worlds competition series we catch up with Jaisyn Mike about his contest prep and performance 


Intro was Jahazzer “Siesta”, the sponsor music was “Cantina Rag”, and the outro was Zoliborz “The Call of the Polar Star” used by permission from

EP 143 – Suzanne Hartwig-Gary

Weight class: 120kg

Division: Masters 1

Nationality: United States of America (USA)


Best Squat


Best Bench Press


Best Deadlift


Best Total


 Notable achievements:

  • 120kg M1 IPF World Classic Champion 2016
  • 120kg M1 USAPL Raw National Champion 2016
  • 120kg Open USAPL Raw Nationals 2015 9th place


You can check out his lifts at the IPF here.

EP 142 – Susan Elwyn

We had the privilege to interview Suzanne Hartwig-Gary. She has been competing for 28 years and won 6 IPF World Championships and 26 National Championships. IPF Raw Classic Worlds 2018 was my 24th World Championships, she also competed in two World Games. Suzanne competed equipped for 24 years and went to Raw only after 2014 Equipped Worlds.  She did my first raw competition in the 2008 Raw Arnold (the first year USAPL was there). Suzanne will be turning 50 this year. Currently she has the Equipped Master I World Record in the squat 182.5kg  (402-lbs) and total 442.5kg.

Current Raw World Records:

Open Squat – 156.5kg (345-lbs)

Master I Squat – 156.5kg

Master II Squat – 152.5kg

Master II Bench – 80.5kg

Master III Deadlift – 158kg

Master II Total – 391kg

She also has a degree in Math and a minor in Computer. Suzanne is currently a massage therapist, bookkeeper/executive assistant, strength coach and co-owner of Supreme Sports Performance & Training (SSPT) in Rockville, MD 20852.

She likes to travel, amateur photography and spend time with family and friends.

Some of the episode notes included: 95% of the time you go 9 for 9 – what would you attribute that to?

First squat and second squat looked really easy. That third attempt looked perfect but you could have probably gone a little heavier – how did you feel about the squats?

What cues do you use when squatting?

First bench looked perfect but you were limping off the platform after the second rep – was it cramps or an injury? Do you usually do heavy bench without wrist wraps? Have you seen poor results benching with wrist wraps?

What cues do you use when benching? I noticed with the bench and squat you yell, “Up Up Up” similar to Stan Efferding…when did you start using that cue?

With deadlift you seem to clear your mind, then jumping before getting into position…how long did it take for you to get those cues for deadlift? Who coached you on your setup the way it is today?

I noticed heavy limping after deadlifts – cramps or injury?

You came back 100% for that second deadlfit – were you able to recover that quickly between attempts? That third deadlift looked like a perfect as an attempt selection for you – what do you attribute that last pull? Could you have gone heavier?

What does being the Open Raw National Team Head Coach 2016-2018 entail? Do you work alongside Coach Paulie?

Was this your first year in M2?

The IPF video of her competition can be found here.